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ipl2: Information You Can Trust

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Follow this link to read about the importance of authenticating information found on websites. Relevant to the PAT in all grades.


  • Sophia Taylor, 12, in year 7, said students had been taught about the risks in term one. She said that she would cut and paste information to read it but would then summarise the information in her own words.
  • ”I would check who wrote the website and do a Google search on them,” she said.
  • When you go to a website we are taught to check its authenticity, check who wrote it. If it is by a professor you can check that as well.”
  • build in a critical approach
  • they are going out into an open area with free access and people can be there pretending to be somebody they are not.”
  • learn how to identify the origin, purpose and context of websites
  • how to access, collect and interpret information from websites.
  • analyse website sources and describe specific clues that indicate their reliability and accuracy.”

What you can do: check who is behind the website by going to: