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I have realised that although teachers expect learners to summarise the content of the text book, most learners do not have an idea of how to summarise.

Futhermore, in my opinion, to summarise a text book to keep the teacher (and Subject Adviser) happy, but not to study what you have summarised has no value.

Therefore, I have made a summary of the main topics for term 3 from the CAPS document. The learners paste it into their writing books, use the text book to find the specific topic and then study the facts from the text book. They can add the page numbers for easy reference. 

After studying for the term test and just before writing the test they can use it as a tick list to consolidate their knowledge.

Take note:  The summary by itself is not sufficient enough to prepare for a test, it has to be used together with the text book.

If you have any good ideas on how to get learners to study the theory, please add it in a comment.

Gr 10 CAT Overview Theory T 3 study

Gr 10 RTT Oorsig kw 3 Teorie leerwerk