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An interesting article to prove that CAT does have a benefit! Please share with your grade 9’s who still need to choose their subjects for next year.

Please read the comments as well!

The article can also be used for the grade 12 PAT:

The following table contains all the term 1 terminology for grade 10.

Hand out and have learners paste it into their writing books. Let them learn 5 – 10 words each day and assess them. Enlarge those 5 words and paste against your wall to consolidate the terms. In this way your vocabulary wall grows towards the end of the year.

In both languages:

Gr 10 Terme kw1

Term 2 table will follow soon.

Graad 12 Vraebank

Posted: March 10, 2015 in General

Die volgende vraebank is saamgestel uit ‘n versameling toetse wat van voor die CAPS sillabus dateer. Die vrae is steeds van toepassing, alhoewel nie gegroepeer soos in die nuwe sillabus nie. Wanneer u dit dus gebruik, maar asb net seker dat die vrae wel oor die werk handel wat vir die betrokke kwartaal afgebaken is.

Daar is ongelukkig op die oomblik nie ‘n Eng weergawe of memo beskikbaar nie.

Gr 12 VraeBank


An Eng variation is available, but the questions differ from the Afr version:

Gr 12 QuesBank

The questions date from before the CAPS syllabus. When it is used, please make sure that the questions pertain to the work for that specific term, as indicated in die CAPS document.


Gr 12 PAT 2015 planning

Posted: March 5, 2015 in General

Find below a template on which learners could plan the PAT on paper to get their thoughts organised before typing it out. Could also be used when load shedding strikes…

Gr 12 PAT planning

Gr 12 PAT geskrewe beplanning

It is not supposed to be given electronically to learners, it should be hard copies in order for them to THINK about the topic and WRITE down their thoughts.

Here is a news paper article about Maths and Scienc, girls vs boys, Sunday Times, 12 January 2015:

News Paper