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Gr 12 Concepts and Terminology

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Grade 12

Gr 12 Concepts Terme T 1

Gr 12 Concepts Terme T 2

Please read the previous blog post about how to use above mentioned.

Gr 11 Concepts Terme T 1

Gr 11 Concepts Terme T 2

Once again, the idea is to copy the table of concepts for learners, they search for the definition of the term in the text book, write the page number in the cell on the table and then LEARN the definition.

You as teacher might want to test them at the end of a week.  You might also want to enlarge the terms and paste it according to grade and term against your class room walls.

Please motivate learners to study the terminilogy of the subject in order for them to provide good answers in tests and exams!

Gr 10 Concepts Terme T 2

Above the grade 10 concepts and terminology for term 2.


Use as described previously.