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Learners tend to THINK more about a topic when writing about it, instead of sitting in front of a computer wondering what to type. Here are examples of such a planning document in both languages. In the Afr version the different sections have been separated, but in the Eng version the table is given as a whole.

Gr 12 PAT Written planning

Gr 12 PAT geskrewe beplanning

Hand out one section per day or every few days to complete by writing the information required.

When whole table is completed in writing, learners get three periods more or less to type it into the table.

Please supply them with the electronic table to save some time ONLY AFTER they have completed the written version, unless you want to do prac revision of tables in wordprocessing.

Gr 12 PAT

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Grade 12

After a long summer slumber, CatOverberg has finally awakened in 2016.

I have compiled a number of resources at the beginning of the year to help with planning, organisation, the enhancement of our subject, etc. Some of it might already have been uploaded here previously.

It is available to download @:

Below is a screendump of what it entails.Contents