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Tick lists grade 10 Theory

Posted: January 16, 2017 in Grade 10

Use the following tick lists to give grade 10 learners overview of theory component:



Use together with lists posted earlier to indicate the practical skills required in grade 10.


Gr 10 Term 3 Tests of 2014

Posted: September 2, 2016 in Grade 10

Term 3 tests from 2014 I shared on Google Drive was unexpectedly removed.

I have added them again and it can be downloaded here:


Gr 10 Concepts Terme T 2

Above the grade 10 concepts and terminology for term 2.


Use as described previously.

The following table contains all the term 1 terminology for grade 10.

Hand out and have learners paste it into their writing books. Let them learn 5 – 10 words each day and assess them. Enlarge those 5 words and paste against your wall to consolidate the terms. In this way your vocabulary wall grows towards the end of the year.

In both languages:

Gr 10 Terme kw1

Term 2 table will follow soon.

I have realised that although teachers expect learners to summarise the content of the text book, most learners do not have an idea of how to summarise.

Futhermore, in my opinion, to summarise a text book to keep the teacher (and Subject Adviser) happy, but not to study what you have summarised has no value.

Therefore, I have made a summary of the main topics for term 3 from the CAPS document. The learners paste it into their writing books, use the text book to find the specific topic and then study the facts from the text book. They can add the page numbers for easy reference. 

After studying for the term test and just before writing the test they can use it as a tick list to consolidate their knowledge.

Take note:  The summary by itself is not sufficient enough to prepare for a test, it has to be used together with the text book.

If you have any good ideas on how to get learners to study the theory, please add it in a comment.

Gr 10 CAT Overview Theory T 3 study

Gr 10 RTT Oorsig kw 3 Teorie leerwerk

Gr 10 June 2014 Exam Papers

Posted: July 20, 2014 in Grade 10


Download grade 10 June 2014 P1 from:

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Download grade 10 June 2014 P2 from:

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Grade 10 Term 2 tests

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Grade 10

Download the grade 10 theory and practical tests used in term 2 here:

Gr 10 Term 1 Tests

Posted: April 6, 2014 in General, Grade 10

Theory test  term 1 2014:

Gr 10 Term 1 Theo ENG

Gr 10 Term 1 Theo ENG Memo

Gr 10 KW 1 Teo AFR                

Gr 10 KW 1 Teo AFR Memo









Posted: February 25, 2014 in Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Hieronder is uittreksels uit ‘n boekie oor inligtingsvaardighede wat tydens die onderrig van die PAT, veral in gr 10, gebruik kan word.

Les 8 Die Internet en die Wêreldwye Web (WWW)

Les 9 Doelgerigte soektegnieke vir die Wêreldwye web (WWW)

Les 10 Evaluering van ‘n webwerf

Indien u die hele boekie wil hê, kan ek dit op Google Drive beskikbaar stel aangesien dit 13 MB groot is en dus nie sommer hier gelaai kan word nie. Stuur vir my ‘n epos ( en ek deel dit met u:

I will add the English version as soon as I get hold of it.

Hi-tech study

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Grade 10, Grade 11

An example of a case study to kick off 2014:


Tech Study