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Gr 11 Term 2 Week 2

Posted: April 23, 2020 in Grade 11

Gr 11 Term 2 week 2

Gr 11 Kw 2 Week 2


Posted: May 25, 2017 in Grade 11

Please visit:

for info for grade 11 PAT

Grade 11 PAT: Cyber Crime

Posted: May 15, 2017 in Grade 11

I came across a booklet at work that was handed out after a workshop on Digital Wellness. The following is an extract from the Table of Contents:

Cyber security

I have scanned the booklet with CamScanner on my phone and uploaded it to Google Drive:

or the QR code:

QR Code

There are 6 lessons with activities. Browse and use whatever is relevant to the gr 11 PAT.

GR 11 Worksheets Term 3

Posted: September 7, 2016 in Grade 11

Worksheets with memos in both Eng and Afr:








Worksheets 2016: grade 11 Term 2

Posted: July 25, 2016 in Grade 11

I have set the following bilingual worksheets as preparation for the June P2 exam:

Gr 11 Teo werkkaart 1 2016 E&A         Gr 11 Teo werkkaart 1 2016 memo

Gr 11 Teo werkkaart 2 2016 E&A        Gr 11 Teo werkkaart 2 2016 memo

Gr 11 Teo werkkaart 3 2016 E&A         Gr 11 Teo werkkaart 3 2016 E&A memo

Gr 11 Teo werkkaart 4 2016 E&A          Gr 11 Teo werkkaart 4 2016 E&A memo

Gr 11 Teo werkkaart 5 2016 E&A           Gr 11 Teo werkkaart 5 2016 E&A memo Cyber thieves eyeing your bank balance (via @News24)

Gr 11 Concepts Terme T 1

Gr 11 Concepts Terme T 2

Once again, the idea is to copy the table of concepts for learners, they search for the definition of the term in the text book, write the page number in the cell on the table and then LEARN the definition.

You as teacher might want to test them at the end of a week.  You might also want to enlarge the terms and paste it according to grade and term against your class room walls.

Please motivate learners to study the terminilogy of the subject in order for them to provide good answers in tests and exams!

Grade 11 Revision Exercise 1

Posted: September 14, 2014 in General, Grade 11

The exercise is a form containing tick boxes, dropdown lists and text boxes to make it easier to complete.

It is in both languages.

Although the memo is only in Afrikaans, most of the answers are in English.

I do NOT recommend this method for a formal test as it does have limitations! It is only for revision purposes.

Gr 11 HersienVorm 1

Gr 11 RevisionForm 1

Gr 11 HersienVorm 1 Memo

Spreadsheet exercise

Posted: July 20, 2014 in Grade 11, Grade 12

For those of you who attended the Teachers Training Conference during the June holidays:

Download the memo to the Advanced Spreadsheet sessions here:  ABC CARsMEMO

I have added a comment and example about how to use the text functions Find and Length when extracting a specific part of a word with Concatenate.




Grade 11 Quick revision

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Grade 11

Download the following multiple choice exercise to quickly revise theory done in Term 1.

Scores are available as soon as the exercise is completed, but that sheet is hidden and the font is white to prevent learners from manipulating the scores artificially.

To see the score, unhide and change the fontcolour.

Grade 11 multiple choice Term 1

A similar exercise can be downloaded from the Grade 12 Page.