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2018: the year of the CAT!

Posted: January 10, 2018 in Grade 12

I have not been very active on this blog, because there are so many other resources available on the CAT & IT Teachers Facebook page, the Tech Teachers site, etc.

I do not believe in just copying what is already out there, or reinventing the wheel. In the end this blog might just stop existing as other (better) resources appear, but until then I will still post my small contributions to improve our subject.

I have separated the different questions from the past 5 NSC question papers (excluding Nov 2017, which will be added soon) and reorganised them according to content. It is available in Google Drive to download (please take care to download only, not edit or remove):


Use it as a teaching tool, revision, setting of papers, etc. By doing 5 questions on the same topic will definitely benefit the learners.

Create a wordwall using the terminology provided.

Use the screenshots together with the terminology found in the question papers. Learners should be shown what the concepts look like.

Please feel free to add more pictures to this folder!

Or share it with me:

Please give some feedback, sharing your thoughts on how we can improve the results in our subject, making it more attractive to the above average achiever.






Google Forms for CAT revision

Posted: September 22, 2017 in General, Grade 12

Use for revision before final theory paper. Please share with learners.

Thank you, Claire Smuts!

Eng version

Afr Version

Thank you to all collaborators as acknowledged on front page of booklet.

Link to Prelim and other Papers

Posted: July 27, 2017 in Grade 12

Valuable revision resources:

2014 – 2016 Prelim, Supplementary, Nov papers

Past Gr 12 papers

Uploaded by Claire Smuts, thank you!

Q&A cards

Posted: August 28, 2016 in Grade 12

Qustion and Answer cards to help learners study the Theory.

Follow instructions in document to print back to back.

Only Q4 and 5 from Feb-Mrch 2016 as yet….

013 Ques&Ans Feb Mrch 16

Learners tend to THINK more about a topic when writing about it, instead of sitting in front of a computer wondering what to type. Here are examples of such a planning document in both languages. In the Afr version the different sections have been separated, but in the Eng version the table is given as a whole.

Gr 12 PAT Written planning

Gr 12 PAT geskrewe beplanning

Hand out one section per day or every few days to complete by writing the information required.

When whole table is completed in writing, learners get three periods more or less to type it into the table.

Please supply them with the electronic table to save some time ONLY AFTER they have completed the written version, unless you want to do prac revision of tables in wordprocessing.

Gr 12 PAT

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Grade 12

Gr 12 Concepts and Terminology

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Grade 12

Gr 12 Concepts Terme T 1

Gr 12 Concepts Terme T 2

Please read the previous blog post about how to use above mentioned.

An interesting article to prove that CAT does have a benefit! Please share with your grade 9’s who still need to choose their subjects for next year.

Please read the comments as well!

The article can also be used for the grade 12 PAT:

Spreadsheet exercise

Posted: July 20, 2014 in Grade 11, Grade 12

For those of you who attended the Teachers Training Conference during the June holidays:

Download the memo to the Advanced Spreadsheet sessions here:  ABC CARsMEMO

I have added a comment and example about how to use the text functions Find and Length when extracting a specific part of a word with Concatenate.